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ADHD Coaching for LIFE™

Candace Sahm MA Ed is an experienced and skilled ADHD coach. She supports student and adult clients as they take an honest inventory of their strengths and challenges. She then collaborates with each client to find the strategies and tools that will work based on his or her personality, responsibilities and goals. Candace also sees families. References provided upon request. For more information, click here.

Coaching Fees

Coach Candace creates customized packages for each client. This is done at the initial consultation.

Join Coach Candace Sahm on Skype
Busy schedule? Can’t make it to see Coach Candace in person? Candace is available for coaching over Skype for your convenience. To connect with Candace on Skype:

  1. Create a FREE Skype account at
  2. Download the Skype application to your computer
  3. Search for Candace in the contact bar.
    Username: candace.kopit
    Display Name: Coach Candace

Summer Coaching Specials
For specials, click here.

ADHD Support Groups

Candace facilitates several support groups for children and adults with ADHD, including a special support group for girls. Contact Candace for more information.

Educational Presentations

The Life Benefits of ADHD Coaching are offered as a gift to your organization.  Please contact Candace to find out how to schedule this fantastic presentation.  Participants will learn what constitutes ADHD and what does not. They will be educated about the differences between ADHD coaching and other types of coaching.  Most importantly, they will walk away with strategies and tools to help other with ADHD and the like.


Positive Learning Experiences (PLE) Tutoring supports students in two-fold mastery of academic content, concepts, life skills and strategies that will support them in the long-term. PLE Tutoring provides the individualized support, guidance and coaching students need along the way. To learn more contact Sara.

IEP/504 Meeting/Support Coach Candace will accompany you and your child at your next meeting. She has been involved with this process since 1978. She will train you and your child to be self advocates so you can obtain the accommodations that your child is entitled to. Candace will provide you with skills to work as a team with school professionals.

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