2008 CHADD


Freddi Hogate, Nancey Ratey, Candace Sahm,
Dr. Sam Goldstein

Steven Peer, Minnesota CHADD President Elect, and Candace

Steven Peer
Minnesota CHADD President-Elect
Steven Peer, the chapter coordinator of CHADD Twin Cities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, is president of Emotional Mastery, Inc., a company delivering anger and emotional-management programs to professionals within the judicial system. As a pastoral counselor, Peer has worked closely with teens and adults with AD/HD. In 1982, he co-founded a men’s group that continues to provide community-support to individuals with anger-management issues. In addition to his enormous work on behalf of those living with AD/HD, Peer is working on a book entitled, Why Is My Child Always Angry? He is also the father of children with AD/HD.


Candace and Anne Teeter Ellison, Ed.D., Wisconsin CHADD Immediate Past President

Anne Teeter Ellison, EdD
Wisconsin CHADD Immediate Past President
Anne Teeter Ellison, professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), has served on the CHADD Board of Directors since 2002. During the course of her service to CHADD, she has served as the Board secretary, chair of the Professional Advisory Board, chair of the Editorial Advisory Board for Attention! magazine, and chair of the Conference Planning Committee for three of CHADD’s International Conferences. Prior to service on the national level, Ellison was a professional advisor to the Wisconsin ADHD Project, and a member of the State of Wisconsin ADD Council. Currently the training director of the School Psychology Doctoral Program at UWM, Ellison has published numerous scientific articles and books and is the co-editor of the CHADD Educator’s Manual on Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: An In-depth Look from an Educational Perspective.


Kiya Perrin Jackson, Meeting and Events Manager, Candace, Marsha Bokman, CMP, Director of Meetings and Events, Audra Weaver, Meetings and Events Assistant

Marsha Bokman, CMP
Director of Meetings and Events and Chief Administrative Officer
Marsha Bokman, the Director of Meetings and Events and Chief Administrative Officer, has been with CHADD since 1999. She is responsible for coordinating and executing the overall management of the CHADD Annual International Conference as well as many other CHADD meetings and programs during the year. A Certified Meeting Planner, Bokman works in tandem with her strong staff in the areas of meeting logistics, registrations, publications, marketing, hotel and convention center negotiation and selection, budgeting, speaker liaison, continuing education accreditation, and CHADD human resources.


Candace has Bruce Jenner sign her 1976 Olympic program book

Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner captivated the world when he broke the world record by scoring 8,634 points in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal and earned the title, “World’s Greatest Athlete.” Given his own battle with dyslexia and attention challenges, Bruce strives to further the efforts of agencies connected with learning disabilities. Bruce was inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame in 1986, The Bay Area Hall of Fame, and Connecticut Sports Hall of Fame in 1994. In the years since his athletic achievements made him world-famous, Bruce has become a highly respected motivational speaker, sports commentator, entrepreneur, commercial spokesperson, television personality, actor, producer and author. He received “Father of the Year” honors from the Southern California Father’s Day Committee. When he’s not being a great dad, husband, entrepreneur or speaker, Bruce is most likely flying his own plan, working on his golf game, race car driving, or looking for any interesting elements to add to an already full and versatile lifestyle.



Candace speaking about “Accommodations and Coaching”

Candace speaking about “IEP Meetings”

Candace speaking about “Student Empowerment”

Candace speaking about “Teachers & Students Collaborating”


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