Candace Sahm MA Ed

is a coach, educator, and parent of two children with ADHD.

Candace holds a Master of Arts Degree in Special Vocational Education from George Washington University, and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and Elementary Education from the University of Maryland. She is also Director of Positive Learning Experiences, a private coaching and tutoring company in Bethesda, Maryland.

Dynamic and innovative, Ms. Sahm is known for her innovation, advocacy, and approach to coaching. Candace is a tireless champion for raising awareness about ADHD and its impact on peoples’ lives. In addition to coaching students and adults, she is currently involved with research, support, and advocacy for ADHD students and adults. She is also on the Development Committee for CHADD, Children and Adults with Attention Deficit.   Candace leads support groups for girls and adults with ADHD. Candace has JST Coach Training and Independent Educational Consultants Association (ICEA) training. She is also trained to help those with other learning disabilities and executive functioning challenges. She also teaches for Montgomery County Public Schools with the Interim Instructional Services Program. She has been doing this for twelve years. She works with students and families to help them work with the curriculum to stay on top of their classes, while they are not in school, due to emotional and health needs. With this work, Candace also attends IEP/504 meetings and stays in close communication with school counselors, teachers, and parents.

Memberships and Associations
Candace is an active member of the ADHD treatment community. Her memberships include:



She is also on the advisory board for The School for Tomorrow as well as the medical advisory board for Signature Supplements



Ms. Sahm recently headlined a local DC radio show on the topic “ADHD in Children and Adults: Early Intervention, Diagnosis, and Treatment, and Where to Find Support.” She was joined by well-known psychologists Dr. Gloria Vanderhorst, Dr. Bill d’Alelio, Dr. Phil Pearl, Chief of General Neurology at Children’s National Medical Center and Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology GWU, and Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, Clinical Neuro-Psychologist also at Children’s Hospital and in private practice. Her advocacy work raising awareness about the link between ADHD and addiction earned her a 2008 Unsung Hero Award from the CARON Foundation, a renowned national addiction recovery organization. She is currently making a CD featuring experts in the fields of ADHD and Addiction.

Education & Experience

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Career Profile: How a Mid-Life Diagnosis Helped Me Become an Entrepreneur


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