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About ADHD Coaching
Benefits of Coaching

ADHD Coaching for LIFE™

Candace Sahm MA Ed is an experienced and skilled ADHD/ADD/LD/GT Coach. She supports student and adult clients as they take an honest inventory of their strengths and challenges. Candace collaborates with each client to find the strategies and tools that will work based on his or her personality, responsibilities and goals.

According to The Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching (IAAC):
“ADHD Coaching is a designed partnership that combines coaching skills with knowledge of ADHD, a neuro-biological condition. The coaching process enhances quality of life, improves performance, and supports growth and change.”

Candace’s ADHD Coaching for LIFE™ approach focuses on:

  • Learn: Cognitive Skills and Strategies
  • Identify: Specific Life Goals
  • Forward: Action Steps toward Fulfillment
  • Empowerment: Support that leads to Self-Advocacy

Candace meets, Skypes, or speaks with her coaching clients once a week to support them on the challenges they are facing. As partners, the client and Candace work on strategies and techniques to reinforce and to provide the motivation essential for success. She also uses unlimited check-ins with emails, text messaging, or phone calls to continue the conversation toward success. Some of her specialties include:

TRANSITIONS TO HIGHER EDUCATION: College is full of distractions and low on structure. This combination is especially hard for ADHD students to overcome on their own. Candace has a special interest and twenty years of experience helping students with ADHD and learning disabilities to successfully navigate the transition into college life.

ADVOCACY: Candace prepares students to be their own advocates. She empowers them to speak confidently with their teachers about their ADHD. She has attended many IEP and 504 meetings with students and their families since 1978! She attends these meetings to foster an understanding of ADHD among teachers and administrators and to clarify the learning style and needs of each student. She is currently involved with research, support and advocacy for ADHD students.

WORKSHOPS: In a lively workshop at the an International CHADD Conference in Anaheim, California, Candace unveiled her Student Accommodation Empowerment Form. Candace has developed this valuable tool to support students as they self-advocate and communicate with their teachers to develop their Individualized Education Plans. This improved communication with teachers is essential if students are to receive the full benefit of their accommodations. The form is a simple process that translates the IEP/504 legal language into clear and actionable steps. For more information about the workshop, contact Candace.

About ADHD Coaching

What is ADHD Coaching?

An ADHD Coach works with clients while developing the tools, strategies and confidence necessary to succeed to reach their full potential. The difference between ADHD coaching and other coaching processes is the ADHD Coach is trained and experienced in working with people with ADHD. They are also capable of helping that person develop strategies which maximize the talents of the ADHD brain and compensate for the individual difficulties the ADHD client experiences.

How will coaching support me or my child?

ADHD coaching supports individuals in developing the structures, processes, and practical approaches they need to meet the challenges of everyday life. Clients excel with their special talents, making the most of their skills and abilities with new strategies. We work on time management, organization, and we help support you in your whole life. We teach you how to manage your time with timers, cell phone reminders, and the like. We help with time management by breaking down activities or projects, teaching you how two maximize your time wisely, and more. We also work on ways to help you manage your social life, your health and well being, your finances, etc. Each client has different needs so we customize our programs.

Benefits of Coaching for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

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